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This folder covers the policies of St  Mary's Catholic School.  Behind the policies sit the more detailed "Procedural and Administrative Guidelines" which state 'the how, what and why details' for each policy.  All staff members are expected to familiarise themselves with these guidelines and procedures.

For a school to function effectively and provide high quality learning for students, it needs to have well articulated, user-friendly policies which need to be supported by workable readily understandable procedures and administrative guidelines.  The ongoing review of school policy is an important aspect of school management and administration.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to review and ratify policy with the Principal and management responsible for the procedures and administrative guidelines that implement the policy.  Each policy is reviewed bi-annually, with the procedures and administrative guidelines being reviewed as and when necessary.

The policies cover Catholic Special Character and the six National Administrative Guidelines (NAGs).

The six NAGs are:

NAG 1:           Curriculum

NAG 2:           Documentation and Review

NAG 3:           Personnel

NAG 4:           Finance and Property

NAG 5:           Health and Safety

NAG 6:           Legislation

In addition to these policies, St Mary's School has a Catholic Special Character Policy.  


Policy Review Timetable

Policy reviews will be undertaken bi-annually.

Catholic Special Character                        Term One            Even Years

NAG 1:  Curriculum                                    Term One            Odd Years

NAG 2:  Documentation and Review       Term Two            Even Years

NAG 3:  Personnel                                      Term Two            Odd Years

NAG 4:  Finance and Property                  Term Three         Even Years

NAG 5:  Health and Safety                         Term Three        Odd Years

NAG 6:  Legislation                                     Term Four           Even Years  



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