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What does ERO say about us?

"The school’s achievement information shows a positive trend in achievement for all children"

Māori children’s achievement is on a par with the achievement of their non- Māori peers

"There is, across the teaching staff, an increased sense of collaboration and collective responsibility for improving outcomes for children"

Tamariki Māori are represented amongst student leaders and have leadership opportunities in kapa haka and in pōwhiri.

Children who have high learning needs are supported through individual development plans.

Notable features of the St Mary’s school community are connectedness and trusting relationships.

Children are secure in their Catholic identity. They appreciate the diversity of their community and the way that aspects of their cultural backgrounds are integrated in the life of the school. They are keen to contribute to school decision-making.

The board, school leaders and teachers are committed to promoting children’s wellbeing and achievement. Children have a good understanding of positive behaviours that support their learning and social competence.

Children in leadership positions in the school are advocates for others and think carefully about their roles and responsibilities.

Children support each other in their learning and are developing a growing understanding about setting goals to support progress.

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