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Our Student Leaders 


Upon reaching our Emmaus Team our intermediate students are offered added responsibilities within our school community.  Our senior students complete an application process and are elected into leadership roles that reflect our school values of Respect, Care and Responsibility.


Our elected Student Leaders become educational, cultural and sporting role models for our younger students.   Our senior students are supported in increasing their leadership skills with school programmes and attending Leadership Conferences designed for Student Councils.

Ui Ualesi

 Ui Zephania Ualesi 

         “If your actions inspire others to dream more, Learn more, Do more and        become more, You are a leader”- John Quincy Adams.



I joined this wonderful school in 2014, I was shocked when I was selected to be chosen as a Student Leader for 2022. I am honored to serve the students and the school community. Being a student leader will be challenging at first but I know from watching previous leaders that my confidence will grow and I will develop great skills for the future. I look forward to representing our school and being a role model to younger students to strive to become Student Leaders. 


School activities:  Pasifika & Liturgy Team       

Kelais Kala-Heke

Kelais Kala-Heke.

“A leader see’s greatness in other people, he nor she cannot lead if they only see themselves.”- Maya Angelou.


I joyfully joined St Mary's School Papakura at the beginning of 2021 and immediately fell in love. The students & teachers are so easy to adapt with and I felt at peace. I felt even happier when the school announced the student leaders and my name was called. It is a privilege and honor to be chosen as one of the 2022 student leaders. During my journey here at St Mary's I’ve learnt that nothing is ever too challenging to take on, and you definitely never have to complete it by yourself.


School activities:  Kapa Haka & Liturgy Team   

Enzo Ihaka


Enzo Stephen Ihaka

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another” - John Maxwell


I joined St Mary's Papakura in the beginning of 2022, for the first few days I was very nervous but Mrs Walker, Mrs Kippen and Mr Frings were heartwarming and welcoming and told me I was safe and would be happy in this wonderful school. 


I am honored to be given the privilege of being a Student leader at this beautiful school. It was a special day when I was called up and it will forever be a positive memory. 


Throughout the short time that I've been here I have learnt heaps, met a lot of new students and have made a lot more friends.


Although I miss my old friends, I know that I will be happy here at St Mary's Papakura.

I can't wait to see the year ahead of me, and the challenges that come my way.    


Kia ora 

School activities:  Kapa Haka & Liturgy Team   

Tulialo Tuia-Pemerika


Tulialo Tuia 

“The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” 

- Kenneth H Blanchard 


With pleasure, I joined St Mary's Papakura at the end of 2018, when I was a year 4, and then I was commissioned to be one of the four Student Leaders of 2022. This role has made a huge impact on me. It has made me more confident, and self - assured. I have been given a lot of support by the St Mary's student’s, staff, and my family. It definitely has given me an opportunity to set an example to the younger generation. I look forward to showing the school values, and being like Jesus in my words and actions for the St Mary’s Community. 

School activities:  Pasifika & Liturgy Team           

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