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(Parents, Teachers and Friends Association)


Chairperson          ...       Mr Patrick Buckley

Vice Chairperson  ...       Mrs Karen O'Sullivan

Secretary              ...       Mrs 

Treasurer              ...       Mrs Karen O'Sullivan

Committee Members:

Patrick Buckley

Karen O'Sullivan

Jo Linklater

Sabrina Vaillancourt

Anne-Maree O'Leary

Rebecca Waite

Benita Kiutau

Sandhya Mathew

Philomena O'Donnell

Mrs Jane Fetu'u

Audrey Kippen - Principal

Bernadette Paulse - DRS

Krishnie Govender - Staff Representative

St Mary's Catholic School PTFA is a friendly, pro-active group of Mums, Dads and Grandparents who create memorable events and experiences for our children while delivering essential fundraising for St Mary's School.  Our school needs a strong ongoing community to support our fundraising requirements.  All events are executed in line with our school values.  Your commitment need only be as much or as little as you can give.  The PTFA meet once a month to plan fundraising events such as discos, movie nights, pizza lunches, sausage sizzles, Graduation Mass and many more fun events.  The PTFA is a great way to get involved in the school and to set a great example for your child/children.  We also have a helpers list of parents who are always happy to assist with baking or assistance at events.  'Every little bit helps'.  

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