Papakura Marae was established as an Incorporated Society in 1980 to provide cultural, health and social services for the people of Papakura and its surrounding suburbs.  Papakura Marae is acutely aware of their commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.  

Papakura Marae will provide accessible health and social services for the education, support and betterment of their clients, in particular we will:

The Health industry in New Zealand has undergone major changes with a number of new health policies including He Korowai Oranga etc.  This focus on the development of a successful Primary Health Care Strategy presents an ideal opportunity for Papakura Marae to further develop an integrated system of care and wellness.

Papakura Marae will provide a collaborative approach through inclusive consultation and practice, where appropriate, with tangata whenua and other Maori communities ensuring Maori enjoy the same level of care and service delivery enjoyed by non- Maori.  This will be done while respecting and ensuring the guiding principles of Tikanga Maori.